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Covid-19 Helping The Elderly & Vulnerable

The Greengate Trust #GreenTeam Volunteers are working tirelessly every single day, Helping the Elderly, Homeless, Frontline NHS Staff & The Most Vulnerable in Isolation. We are delivering specially designed Care Packages to meet all the needs of families in isolation. We also prepare and distribute freshly cooked hot food every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for our local neighbourhood (which is a council estate) and for the Homeless in Manchester City Centre.

Our work speaks for itself and we serve Humanity without any Discrimination. Unfortunately, the workload is increasing rapidly and we are in urgent need of public support to help the elderly and needy that are really struggling in these difficult days.

We do not receive any government funding and run completely off public funding. We ask the public for their support and any donations small or big will be greatly appreciated so we can keep our amazing and important work continuous. God Willing. Thank you.

About Greengate Trust

The Greengate Trust #GreenTeam Volunteers have been out every single day helping the Elderly, Homeless, NHS & the Vulnerable in self isolation.  We distribute freshly cooked food and drop off food parcels everyday for The Elderly, NHS & Vulnerable.

Since the Covid-19 CoronaVirus started and the whole country went on Lockdown. The GreengateTrust Volunteers have been working tirelessly every single day Helping the Elderly, The Homeless, The Frontline NHS Staff and The Most Vulnerable in Isolation by dropping off food parcels, essential shopping items, also preparing and distributing freshly cooked hot food. Our work speaks for itself and we are in need of public support to help the elderly and needy that are really struggling in these difficult days, every day more and more messages are coming through for support and we are really struggling to keep up with funds to help everyone in need.

Any small donation will be greatly appreciated and we ask everyone to at least donate £20 for one person's essential food items for one full week or for the more generous if you can donate £100 for a family of 5 peoples Food and Essentials for one full week. 


1 people donated in 7 months

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May 18th, 2020