Coffee & Cream 6th Charity Iftaar Yemen Appeal

Yemen Appeal 2019

Subhan'allah another year has gone by so quickly.

Alhamdulillah, May we become fortunate enough to reap from the virtues of Ramadan 2019. We pray to Allah swt for his mercy and his kindness.

May Allah swt accept our efforts, increase our imaan/taqwa and forgive
all our sins. Most importantly let us remember and pray for our brothers
 and sisters less fortunate, going through struggles/disasters on a
daily basis across the world .

For the past 6 years during the month of Ramadan, friends from Newham in greater London took the initiative to raise money to support projects across the globe for the needy and the less fortunate.

Alhamdulillahlast year with the mercy of Allah swt and your generous donations, we raised nearly £5,000 for Syria and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

We work with a reputable charity organisation (UWT) with 100% donation policy. Not a single penny is used by the charity nor do we use any proceedings towards the cost of the event. The cost is fully covered by us (5 Friends) and Coffee and Cream shop.

During this beautiful month of Ramadan we know you will be donating kindly. So once again we humbly request you to join us at the Coffee & Cream for the Charity Iftar and support UWT's Yemen Appeal! Please support our project and donate generously, no matter how small the amount is, your reward will reach you in Dunya and the hereafter Insha’Allah.

Beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,

'Charity does NOT decrease your wealth' (Muslim)

Allah swt accept our donations and bless you abundantly and raise your status in the highest rank in jannah tul firdeous.

About Ummah Welfare Trust

Ummah Welfare Trust works in over 20 countries around the world. Across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Europe, the charity strives to help those affected by disasters and endemic poverty. Read about some of the countries where your donations are making a difference.


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