We'll do flood victim people's homes repair.

Help us raise money for flood victim

Although the flood water receded over a month ago, a large number of victims whose homes were ravaged are still living without a roof over their heads on the river banks.
They are yet to receive government support to rebuild their homes.
Several hundreds of displaced people from Dighapara, Nayapara, Sherpur Haat, Koromjapara, Chakratinath and Shimulbari were found living in makeshift houses on the Dighapara embankment adjacent to the Brahmaputra River in Bogra, bangladesh.
That is why Do Help Nature Victim has launched this online fundraiser drive to raise funds for humanitarian effort to help them

Please help me support food victim causes by making a donation through my page. The process is fast, easy and secure. Thanks so much for your support... and please dont forget to send this page to any friends you think might be interested in donating!

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To relieve financial hardship, distress and suffering among poor people, homeless persons, refugees and other people in need by means of, but not exclusively, making grants for providing or paying for items, equipment, services and facilities, including the provision of food and clothing for the benefit of said persons.


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Sep 11th, 2020