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Every Masjid holds a special place as a house of Allah (swt) but Cheadle Masjid is different. It is more than a place of worship, it is the beating heart of our community.

Our Masjid has been functioning not just as a place of worship, but as a center for Islamic and cultural education, where the elders of our community are taken care of as well as they come together for lunch, where mothers can come and relax with their toddlers in the Toddler clubs, and the numerous classes, Nikah ceremonies and events are held not just for Muslims, but for the wider community.

Time has now come to expand our Masjid as we can no longer accommodate our attendees and to enhance and enrich our services and take our facilities further to the next level. We envision this Masjid to be a benchmark for our generation and the generations to come where everyone can feel welcomed and taken care of. We envision to build not just a Masjid, but to build an Institution! Insha Allah

"Whosoever builds a House (Masjid) for the pleasure of Allah (swt), whether it be small or large, Allah builds for them a House in Paradise" Tirmidhi 

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