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About Us

Dental Aid Network is a registered charity that was founded by UK based dentists in 2014. They could see that whilst there were many humanitarian organisations providing medical aid globally there are very few that provide dental aid. They provide free dental treatment to destitute and impoverished people enabling them to live healthier lives.

Dental Aid Network have been running clinics for orphans and special needs children across the West Bank of Palestine for 5 years. DAN have been providing emergency treatments for the most impoverished in The Gambia. They treat special needs patients and orphans across Kashmir. DAN also provided dental care to refugees in Jordan and Greece. In 2020 DAN will God willing set up projects in India and Uganda.  

Everyone involved is a volunteer who bear their own expenses so all the funds raised go directly towards caring for underprivileged patients.

Please help by donating something towards the cause. 

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