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About Us

Losing a loved is a very difficult time for anyone and can be emotionally challenging, to add to that, organising a funeral within a limited amount of time can be even more stressful. Most people are blessed to have friends and family who will emotionally and financially support them through this process, helping give their loved one a dignified burial.

However, with the rising costs a funeral could set you back approximately £4000, which is a substantial amount of money to gather within a short amount of time. Unfortunately there are many people out there within our community, whom aren’t fortunate enough to have family and friends who will support them during a bereavement.

Ease was founded in 2020 with the noble mission of helping struggling families bury their loved ones.
We aspire to financially support funeral costs of those whom are unable to do so, whilst protecting the dignity of the deceased and their family.

The support we provide will for the time being be limited to just financial support, covering expenses of funerals directly with funeral providers. We do not intend to provide financial support directly to families.

Once a referral is made us with confidence and be sure for the information to remain confidential. We can help fund for the burial, coffin and any other funeral costs.

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