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About Us

We will strengthen and unite communities by reviving, celebrating and sharing the essence of Eid and its meaning of feasting and coming together through organised events.

1Eid dawah is now global
The ECC launched the 1Eid project in the UK over a decade ago and by the grace of Allah azza wa jall we have revived the Sunnah in many parks around the nation.

The project soon became a youtube sensation and many other groups around the world followed the example. We now have many Eid prayers and festivals in many countries. Now it is time to want for our brothers/sisters what we wish for our selves.

In 2019, 1Eid launched its first ever Global mission. Communities that could not enjoy Eid until they have food, water and a Mosque. We began in Ramadan with over 1000 food backs going to

Northen Syria

We have also built Masaajid in remote villages that suffered the elements of nature. They are all now getting ready for their first proper 1Eid festival in their villages! Allahu Akbar.

Yes, 1Eid is Global. Alhamdulillah. So who are we? We are 100% volunteer run. We have our own careers from different back grounds and we give our skill set to benefit the Da'wah and the work. We stretch every single dollar or pound while also squeezing as many freebies where possible. We have always used online donation platforms with no fees and gift aid is also spent upon the projects.

All questions are welcome! With so many charities out there, I was just as confused as to where to send my zakat or my sadaqah. I no longer have any doubts and I do not worry about how my donations are spent, Allah kareem. I know that I am benefiting my own local community, helping wider communities, leading by example in other nations all the while delivering aid and relief to thousands of people in various countries. Donate with confidence and even join us... we are Muslim, we are people just like you.

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