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About Us

Jalalia Jaame Mosque was established in 1971 with the purchase of a terraced house on Dudley Street, Rochdale. With growing demand, this house was soon demolished and Rochdale's first purpose-built mosque was built in the 80s accommodating up 100 worshipers.

Over the years the mosque was gradually extended and services expanded to cater to the needs of the ever growing worshippers. By 2004, Jalalia Jaame Mosque was able to accommodate up to 1500 worshippers. A large green dome and minaret were installed making the mosque a focal point for the community in Wardleworth, central Rochdale.

Jalalia Jaame Mosque is currently divided into three areas consisting of two large prayer rooms used for daily prayers, educational activities for youngsters and other similar activities during the week. A third area consists of a Lobby, Ablution area and toilet/shower facilities, Kitchen, Library, Imam's office and a Management office which is used for administration purposes. In 2019, the mosque was extended due to the need for a much needed purpose built mortuary facility which included new wash and refrigeration facilities.

Jalalia Jaame Mosque has been established for over 49 years and continues to be used by the ever growing community as a place for solace and spiritual development.

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