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Hajj Ride for Syria

Our Unique Contribution

Quality: Tailored 4×4 reliable ambulances that are best suited for the war torn terrain inside Syria

Quality: Our ambulances are equipped with all that is necessary to deliver good first response medical care, from oxygen tanks, defibrillators, essential diagnostic apparatus, and medicine.

Sustainability: Looking after the vehicles, any repairs, fuel costs and maintaining a constant medicine supply

Empowerment: training and employing locals to be the first responders who run this service

Empowerment: A specialist mobile training centre to teach essential paramedic skills, triaging, basic and advanced life support, trauma communication, resource management. Training civilians to volunteer at our service, or establish their own at their respective localities.

Connect: Running training for doctors and general volunteers in the UK, so they can spend time volunteering with our ambulances in Syria and help train Syrian locals.

Strengthen: support current medical facilities by connecting them within our network, easing the movement of patients, transporting the injured appropriately, easing the pressure on individual facilities.

Research and Quality Assurance: collecting data on the type of injuries, medicine required and ensuring we are constantly improving the delivery of our service. Paving the way for a gold standard model for all charities to implement and build upon.

Save lives continuously: This convoy will not only will deliver aid, but will also leave behind an infrastructure that will continue saving thousands of lives.

To ensure longevity and optimal delivery, there are opportunities for us to share in the barakah and donate. Money will be spent on the following:

Setting up our mobile specialist trauma training centres

Delivering our trauma training courses

Employing Syrian paramedic staff

Continuous supply of much needed first response medicine

Repairs, equipment, fuel for the ambulances

Auditing the quality of our service for further improvement

From the people who organised the Hajj Ride EMS and Dr Abbas Khan EMS: the first of its kind in Syria and a brave step forward by our charity, Human Aid UK. Join the vision. Volunteer, help organise and donate. A concerted effort to leave a real legacy insha'Allah.


£35 can provide a monthly food pack to a Syrian family
£400 can sustain a paramedics family while he is out saving lives
£10000 can provide an ambulance that provides a medical service to the most needy

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