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Subhanallah - Jazakallah for visiting my page. I am taking part on a hike and bike in the beautiful country of Bosnia.
The reason for this is so that we can  support our brothers and sisters in Yemen. A country where millions are starving and dying everyday. Over 14 million people at risk of famine. Over 85,000 children have died since the conflict started. Basic necessities such as water is a struggle to find and if they do then they are at risk of cholera which can be fatal. Please support me by donating any little amount, Allah reward you.

Thank you!

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One Nation is a 100% donation policy charity, working hard to relieve poverty and suffering both locally and globally. We provide food aid, water aid, shelter, orphan sponsorships and more in destitute countries such as Syria, Gaza and Yemen. Your donations make all of our work possible, so please donate generously today. 


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