Help raise money for Orphan Rehabilitation Centre

Help us raise money for Orphan Rehabilitation Centre - Syria

Please help me support Orphan Rehabilitation Centre - Syria by making a donation through my page.

We all experienced adolescence when we were younger but imagine facing it fatherless and in a warzone.

Unfortunately this is the reality for many of our youth in Syria. Living between hostile refugee camps can often lead our youth down the wrong path. Some have sadly been involved in petty crimes like stealing, joining gangs and some even taking drugs this is a crisis that we must avert.

We aim to change that by building a purpose built facility that will help these young boys to channel their energy into being more productive thus setting them up for manhood.

Our facility will provide board and lodging alongside a full time skill based schedule.

The schedule will include waking up at the crack of dawn. Praying the 5 daily prayers in congregation. Physical exercise,  community service and learning a practical skill like carpentry, electrics or plumbing.

Our aim is to produce fine young men who will one day become the breadwinners for their widowed mothers.

How you can help

£1 for 1 brick
£10 for bricks
£100 for 100 bricks

Build a dorm £2,000

Build a classroom £1,800

Build wood workshop £5,000

Build metal workshop £5,000

Games room £3,000

Sports hall / football pitch £9,000 - £10,000

The above are approximate prices. This could be an amazing sadqa jariya on behalf of yourself or a loved one as you’ll be investing in the next generation in the blessed land of Shaam.

Please consider fundraising or donating towards this rehab centre. You can donate sadqa and lillah towards this amazing project. Don’t miss out on being part of this project. Our target is £100,000

Jazakallahu khair and thank you! Please keep us in your blessed prayers. Have a blessed Ramadan ☺

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