Want to build yourself a house in Jannah? Help Build a Village this Ramadan

Build a Safe Haven for Displaced Syrian Refugees

Alhamdulillah, we have now made it to the last 10 days of Ramadan! 

In this month, Allah multiplies the reward for any righteous act such as charity by 70, but during Laylatul Qadr it is equivalent to having performed the same act for over 83 years – So together, why not help rebuild lives and reap endless rewards 

Countless displaced Syrian refugees are in urgent need of humanitarian aid; especially now due to the Covid-19 crisis. With SKT Welfare, you can help move them out of makeshift tents and into clean and secure homes that will protect them from blistering summers and harsh winters for many years to come.

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  • Zakat Applicable Project 
  • £1250 for a home with access to a mosque, school, private recreational space for women and free medical care at a nearby SKT hospital 
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With YOUR support, WE could completely change their lives for the better. Whether you’re donating yourself or simply sharing this page on your social media platforms with friends, family and followers – PLEASE do get involved and build yourselves a home in Jannah InShaAllah!



Years of Syrian conflict has caused millions to flee their homes in search of safety, with little to no possessions. Temporary accommodation made from sheets of tarpaulin and cotton has left them vulnerable. Without secure walls, doors or roofs, they lack the even basic security and privacy; making it incredibly difficult for them to truly live lives with dignity & honour.

Over a hundred families have now been rehoused Alhumdulillah, but MILLIONS of our Syrian brothers and sisters are still praying for a home to call their own. Many amongst them are orphans, widows, disabled or elderly, so sustaining themselves in these testing times is a great struggle. 

The aim of the Safe Haven Project is to build 4 villages. Each will consist of 250 homes, a mosque, school, private women-only recreational area and access to free medical care at a SKT hospital in close proximity. Building a safe and secure home with 2 rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom will cost only £1250, and priority will be given to those most vulnerable.

About SKT Welfare

At heart, SKT Welfare are a group of compassionate, honest and hard-working humanitarians. We believe that everyone - no matter their race, religion or gender - deserves a chance at a happy, fulfilling life. Over the past decade, we have provided urgent aid and sustainable relief to millions of disadvantaged people across the globe. Our projects focus on emergency relief, food, water, healthcare, education, orphan care and seasonal aid, such as winter emergency response and Qurbani donations. We serve some of the most vulnerable people in the world; those affected - through no fault of their own - by conflict, poverty and natural disasters. Our guiding vision is of a world where everyone is cared for, and able to live a sustainable life, free from extreme poverty. As an Islamic charity, we are led by an unshakeable faith and a strong desire to help the most vulnerable, following in the footsteps of the Prophet (saw).


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