Road 2 Rohingya Aid Convoy

Help us raise money for Road 2 Rohingya

Over 1,000,000 Rohingya Muslims have sought shelter in Bangladesh since violence erupted in Myanmar in mid 2017 making it one of the worst humanitarian aid crises of the 21st Century.

Men, Women, and Children have seen their family members raped, slaughtered and burnt alive at the hands of the security forces and extreme Buddhist youths. This has caused them to flee their homes in order to protect themselves and their families. They are now stranded in refugee camps with little to no belongings, food, shelter and hygiene facilities and little hope of returning back to their homes.

This November, I will embark on a Journey trekking 100km across the Sahara Desert to help raise funds towards the Rohingya Appeal. This will mean exerting myself in the Saharan heat with little water and limited resources.

The One Ummah team will be visiting the Rohingya camps in June and aim to distribute £100,000 worth emergency aid and contribute towards projects such as building a centre for those suffering from the trauma of their loss to help them heal from their tragic losses.

Anything you donate today will make up part of that aid under a 100% donation policy for which Zakat is also eligible. 

About One Ummah

One Ummah which translates to one nation, one world and one community was put together in the hopes and dreams of bringing the world’s communities together and uniting against poverty.

One Ummah is a non-profitable charity organisation that provides humanitarian assistance aid to those most in need around the world. Founded in the North of England by a group of dedicated people inspired by Islam with the desire to save lives. Our team and volunteers are from the heart of your communities helping you make a difference.


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