SPOT ACADEMY - A Unique Orphanage.

SPOT ACADEMY - A Unique Orphanage.

Hi everyone,

This fundraising page serves to contribute towards completing a unique orphanage in Africa called the SPOT ACADEMY. This is a cause that has always been close to my heart and I've felt helpless in countless occasions as I didn't know how to contribute however this project is the perfect opportunity to give myself and everyone a chance to make an impact and to make a contribution towards providing basic necessities for these individuals.

My target is to raise £2000 which will help many children in Africa that are deprived and are in need of these facilities in order to have a promising future, it would be appreciated if you could donate however much you can, even as little as 50p will help towards changing a child's life God-willing.

Please spread the message.

The money raised will go towards:

  • Completing the first and second floor for a primary school
  • Finishing for the school e.g. windows, flooring, roofs etc.
  • Completing the apartments for volunteers to stay in.
  • Landscaping the building.
  • Building a reception for the orphanage.
  • Completing the slaughterhouse

About Spot Project

Spot Project aims to illuminate the hearts, faces and minds of underprivileged youth around the world, starting in The Gambia. We aim to build schools and learning centres through which we can run courses, seminars and training programs to equip the youth with essential skills and the education they need to make a better future and to motivate those that will one day look up to them. We work towards making leaders that will give back to the community once they have taken what they need and transformed their own lives.


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Jul 1st, 2019