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Winter1000 Campaign

Hi all,
Thank you for checking out my page. As we all know winter is fast approaching and in some places it has already arrived with brutal force. So many men, women and children are dependent on charity organisations to help them out. For them it's literally LIFE and DEATH!
Together we can make a difference. So join forces with me TODAY by donating any little change you can spare.

Thank You in advance for your generous donation!

About One Nation

We envision a world in which access to food, clean water, education and shelter is a norm. The opportunity to live peacefully is offered to all without discrimination.

One Nation supports local, national and international projects. From providing hot food and support for the homeless in the UK, to providing emergency aid, clean water, food, clothes and shelters in devastated countries around the world.


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Dec 3rd, 2018
Sameen Mulla
Haydir ALLAH Haktir ALLAH !!!
Haydir ALLAH Haktir ALLAH !!!