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Winter1000 Campaign

Assalaamu alaikum everyone.

As we all know, winter has arrived, and in Syria, it has come with brutal force. Subhaan Allaah! The harshest winters with little to no protection for countless & helpless souls! So many men, women and children are dependent on charity organisations. For them it's literally LIFE and DEATH!
Together we can make a difference. So join forces with me TODAY by donating and sharing this so others can also join in this collective effort to help the people of the Blessed Land of Ash-Shaam.

Allaah reward you with good (Jazaakum Allaahu khayran) in advance for your generous donation!

Blanket & clothing pack £20
5 Litre diesel and stove £30

About One Nation

One Nation is a 100% donation policy charity, working hard to relieve poverty and suffering both locally and globally. We provide food aid, water aid, shelter, orphan sponsorships and more in destitute countries such as Syria, Gaza and Yemen. Your donations make all of our work possible, so please donate generously today. 


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