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Emergency Rohingya Appeal

£995of £5000 raised

Fundraising pledge from the  L2P / HajjRide Support team; Rofikul, Abdul Akbar, Noorul, Saiedur, Ismail and Muhammad. More than 501,000 Rohingya children, women and men have been forced to flee to Bangladesh escaping extreme violence in Myanmar.   They have arrived exhausted, hungry, wounded and sick after walking for days from their villages through jungles, across mountains and rivers carrying little or no resources with them. There is an urgent need for emergency shelters and core relief items as more refugees arrive. Many have come with the only of hope survival in Bangladesh.Treated worse than animals, this dehumanisation of the Rohingya people has become ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. Human rights violations and destruction are rife, with women raped, children abused and villages burned to the ground.   Raped by 15 men whilst watching father die https://youtu.be/g-MwjaWw1n0 We the support team of the London2Paris and the HajjRide wish to help rehabilitate 10 families (around 50 people) with the dignity to live in honour by building them a home.    One shelter costs £500.   Breakdown of a Shelter: -         1 Big Bedroom that can be split into two rooms, depends on family size -         Can fit a family of 5 -         Shared Toilet with families -         Est Lifespan between 3 – 5 years   Shelter price consists of               : -         Bamboo Bar -         Bamboo Fence -         Iron Sheet -         Toilet -         Labour/Transport   Please help us to raise £5000 and allow them to live with some honour and dignity.   ZAKAT APPLICABLE   Please donate today to help the Rohingya refugees who now need your help more than ever.   “And whoever saves one life, it is as if they had saved mankind entirely.” [Surah Al-Ma’idah 5:32]        

Rofikul Islam
United Kingdom