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Easily fundraise for any cause, engage your peers and raise more than ever before with afew simple steps.

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Easily connect to 5 charitiable organisations. Splitting donations according to your set % amount and distribute the funds accordingly. Create Campaign

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The new era of “Team Fundraising”. Branch out like never before, combining individual fundraisers to create the ultimate dream team. Create Campaign

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Your standard crowdfunding campaign page that allows you to seamlessly collect donations for causes that matter to you. Create Campaign

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All the fundraising tools you need to change the world under one roof. You’re in control.

Jam-packed with great features to take your fundraising that extra mile and help you raise more money than you ever imagined for the causes you love.

Donor Impacts

We’re 100% transparent! Show donors what they’re funding, where their money is going and how their donations make a big difference.


Keep a close eye on all your campaigns, fundraisers and donors. Edit, pause or even delete campaigns - all in one place

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Donors can cover platform fees so you can concentrate on fundraising

Customised Branding

Use our powerful tool to customise your page so it's in tune with your brand and works everywhere

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